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  • Mayrhofen in the Summer

  • Hiking Paradise

    Four of the five sidevalleys of the Zillertal ends in Mayrhofen. Many shelters, pastures, climbing areas and summits are right at our doorstep.

  • Ski Areas in the Summer

    The wide slopes are gone – that now belong to the cows. In between a narrow path – wide enough for walkers and cyclists.

  • Excursions

    Even without big effort countless destinations can be reached by car or lift – huts, pastures, water reservoirs or up to 3,250 m high observation deck of the Hintertux Glacier.

  • Nature pure

    The fauna and flora of the Zillertal mountains is varied. To protect our homeland the Zillertal Alps Nature Park was built. With the guides of the Natural Park you can take one of the many nature walks to get to know the nature more intense.

  • Mountainbike

    The Zillertal has become a paradise for mountain bikers in recent years. Numerous tours of varying length and difficulty, and challenging downhill trails attract the ambitious cyclist.

  • Rocks and Ice

    The 3000s of the Zillertal – Olperer, Löffler, Schwarzenstein, Zsigmondyspitze and the rest of them, dream destinations for any aspiring alpinists. Alpine climbing and glacier tours in all possible degrees of difficulty, height hiking trails and numerous cozy mountain huts await you.

  • Free Climbing and Bouldering

    One of the most popular destinations worldwide in the scene. Well-known climbing areas such as the “ewigen Jagdgründe (eternal hunting grounds)” annually attract thousands of climbers who have a try at the many scenic routes of all difficulties.

  • Rafting and Canyoning

    The Zemm Canyon, few kilometers behind Mayrhofen and the Ziller river are the perfect playground for alpine water sports. The guides of the local action clubs will show you how you will get hot in the freezing water.