• Haus Monika in the winter

  • Our house right beside the "Penkenbahn"

    Right outside our front door, you can take the Penkenbahn – after a few minutes you are in one of the most beautiful and award winning ski resorts. (Foto: Mayrhofner Bergbahnen)

  • The new "Penkenbahn" cablecar

    Since winter 2015/16 the new 3S Penkenbahn will lift you up to the skiing area. Comfortable cabins and panoramic windows makes it a joy ride. The enormous transport capacity and the innovative entrance makes waiting queues a history. (Foto: Mayrhofner Bergbahnen)

  • Skiing

    4 Big Ski Areas, 178 top modern lift systems, 487 kilometers of best prepared slopes – Zillertal is one of the most popular destinations for the discerning skier

  • Winter in Zillertal

    The beautiful snowy Zillertal Alps are not just a destination for sports people – young and old, play sports or relax, enjoy nature or loudly celebrate Après Ski – anything is possible, and everyone can find his own.

  • Snowshoe Hiking

    Reach places with hiking where else just skiers can go there. Snowshoeing allows even non-skiers a memorable wintry mountain experience

  • Skitouring

    From simple, short, to multi-day challenging ski tours, everything is available in the Zillertal. Classics and Secrets – best to do with a local mountain guide.

  • Ice Climbing

    Amongst ice climbers the Zillertal increasingly become a popular point of interest. It features clasic ice falls and eternal icy summit flanks.

  • Freeriding

    With wide “blades” in bold lines down steep slopes full of “powder”- not for everyone – but totally cool for those who can do it. Some slopes in the Zillertal have already reached cult status in this scene.

  • Powder Skiing

    Anyone who ever “floated” on real powder, is addictive. Powder slopes are not just reserved for ski touring, some of it can be reached from the ski resorts – assuming you have the ability to do it and know about the dangers.

  • Alternatives in Winter

    If the snow is not yours, or you have to wait in the valley until the skiing husband comes back in the evening, you are in a place offering plenty of alternatives to enjoy your holiday. A walk along the Ziller, shopping in the center, the water park and numerous other indoor activities to choose from.

  • Paragliding - Sunmer and Winte

    Perfect conditions and an ideal area for paragliders and hang gliders – for professionals, beginners in one of the flight schools or fellow passengers on a tandem flight.